About us

Forgetting Yesterday is a 5 piece alternative rock group from Malmö, Sweden. Formed in early 2017 the group consists of Anton Bendroth (Bass Guitar), Johan Hansson (Vocals), Ludvig Hansson (Guitar), Christopher Hjorth (Guitar) and Mathias Grevin Garvö (Drums). Their first material was largely inspired by Pop Punk and Punk Rock spanning from the 90’s into the 2010’s. Blending this with their own unique touch using both heavier and softer elements. 

Their new album "Sometimes, I Just Need Some Time” consists of 10 tracks with an evolved and modernized sound, leaving the classic pop-punk roots and introducing a modern, slight touch of electronic elements.  The lyrical work also evolved, becoming even more personal than before.

"Sometimes, I Just Need Some Time", this is the feeling of being overwhelmed, the feeling of needing time to reflect and process your thoughts on passing events and life changing situations. This album tries to express and enlighten the dramatic moments in our lives. Telling stories from different perspectives and situations in relationships between people.


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